Giuseppe Pes


Curriculum Vitae

Hi, I'm a Giuseppe Pes a young software engineer passionate about software craftsmanship. I have a particular interest in C programming and Linux. I also do lots of work in JavaScript, C++, Java and Python.


I come from Sardinia, a beautiful island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. I love pizza and I cannot live without my espresso, like most of Italians probably. Now I live in London, where I enjoy a thrilling and multicultural city.

I learnt programming on my own when I was 15 falling in love with C. Since then, I've been fascinated by the limitless things you can do with just a computer. I am always eager to improve my skills and learn new ones. I am one of those lucky people, who really enjoy their job and is really passionate about it.

I work as full stack engineer at Qubit, building awesome web apps with the best technologies out there. I work mostly with Node and React. In the past, I worked for IBM as Java developer using Spring, EJB 3.1 and WebSphere. If you want to know more about my job experience, check out my CV.

In my spare time, I play with new technologies, such as WebRTC, Flow and Django. I like also experiment with new programming approaches such as reactive programming and functional programming. In addition, I am learning Salsa with the hope, one day, to truly enjoy dancing.



Squiddy is a multi users video conference tool that I build in 2014 to learn WebRTC. Squiddy is built using vanilia WebRTC and performs session renegotiation when something changes. For instance, if a user turns off the video, the video stream is not paused, but entirely removed from the session.

Multi Variant Honeypot

MVH stands for Multi Variant Honeypot. This is my MSc final project. MVH is a multi variant honeypot system which uses a interposition delegating architecture to execute untrusted code built with Seccomp-BPF.

Java MM Compiler

Java MM is compiler for JavaMM (Java minus minus), a restricted subset of Java. The compiler is implemented in C++. This an academic project I completed during my first year at university.

FAT32 File System

This is my BSc final project. I implemented a file system compatible with FAT32 for a kernel developed by the computer engineering department. The result was a fully functional file system along with a complete system call interface (UNIX compatible) which could be used to manage files. The file system is entirely implemented in C and Assembly.